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The end of french enclaves

1940: At the request of the British, the French India was one of the first colonies to support the General de Gaulle and to join to the movement of the France Libre.

1940: Right after the war, the Indian movement of liberation developed.

1949: After a great unrest, and at the end of a referendum, chandernagor was separated from France and merged with the State of Bengal.

31.10.1954: For the last time at 6 o'clock, as the sun set, the French flag was lifted off the mast of the pavilion.

1.11.1954: After several months of trouble and an economic recess, after Dien Bien Phu, France agreed to let its last 4 territories to India. M. R. K Nehru, General Secretary of foreign affairs, came specially from Delhi, hoisted the Indian flag in the State of Pondicherry. Mr. Kewal Singh was appointed the first High Commissioner of the new state. He was received at the Government Hotel by Mr. Pierre Landy, special diplomatic representative of the French Republic Government and was accompanied to the Governor's ceremony transfer of power. During the exchange of signatures of the two statesmen, the Indian flag was hoisted at the top of the Government, with 21 gun shots.

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28.05.1956: The "treaty of transfer" was signed in Delhi, 8 years after the transfer "de facto".

01.1963: Several thousands of Pondicherry people opt for the French nationality.

01.07.1963: Creation of the "Territory of Pondicherry" which includes Pondicherry, Karikal, Yanam and Mahé.

Today, nearly 20 000 Pondicherry people live in France and nearly 10 000 French citizens live in the Territory of Pondicherry.

Continual bonds with France and Pondicherry make these districts of the Tamilnadu Union a unique Indian town. A pleasant beach, buildings in good condition, decorated temples, worldwide known Ashram of Aurobindo, community projects, and its experience of life in community has made it famous. Auroville is at a distance of only 10 km from Pondicherry.
In 1742, Joseph François Dupleix, became Governor of the French India. At the same period, war broke out between France and England. The situation in Europe, and the ambitions of Dupleix stirred up the Anglo French conflict in India.

During the next 70 years, Pondicherry survived in continuous conflicts of power by the French and the British.

Pondicherry finally came back to France in 1814 till 1954 date at which it joined the rest of the Independent India. During these years the contribution of French Indians at the Belle France and its colonies was significant and even today, many descending are living in France and overseas.
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