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Balaranganathar Temple
On the way to Rajagiri fort over the western side rock one can find beautiful, Balaranganathar temple made of granite. The temple faces eastern side. Now pooja is not being done.

Chakkarai Kulam (Tank)
Chakkarai kulam pond is situated on the right side of the path to Hanuman temple. It has its own physical features. It is planned and built in low lying areas in such a way that water from surround areas is being collected in the pond during monsoons.



The funeral place of Desing Raja
Desing Raja's funeral place is in the form of a stage constructed with granite. It is located near the northern steps of the Chetty pond. It is said that is wife committed sati by falling into the funeral pyre of her husband.




Chetty kulam (Tank)
Chetty kulam pond is located on the left side of Hanuman Temple. This pond was built very beautifully during Maratha's rule by Rama chetty at the end of the 18th century with granites on northern and eastern sides. On the eastern side there is channel for water to flow out. The pond get its name from its builder Rama Chetty.

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