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Elephant tank
To the South of Kalyana Mandapam the Elephant tank is situated. Even now it is called the Elephant tank since it is so big that it can accommodate elephants.

Steps are provided in the Southwest corner of the tank so that elephants could climb down and get out easily, say historians.
The tank measures 58 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters deep. On the four sides of the tank, a cloister mandapa with 134 stone pillars has been constructed.

Some historians hold the view that this tank would have been used as a swimming pool by kings, royal family, relatives of kings and generals.
This is a granite building in wagon shape roof to the West of the elephant tank. This place was used to do physical exercise. This place, in those times was used to secretly train sepoys and to preserve the war weapons.



Kalyana Mahal
Inside the fort there is a Kalyana Mahal, which has a pyramid like sturcture at the top, built in Indo-Islamic style. It is very beautiful and it attracts the hearts of the visitiors. The mahal is so wonderful in its structures and has rooms for women's stay, a pond of three square meter, built with curved verandahs, with windows, stair cases on either side of each floor. Moreover terracotta pipes are fixed on the inner wall of the mahal for water to come in. .


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