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After the Hoysalas, Tiruvannamalai passed into the hands of the Vijayanagar rulers, whose southern invasions under Kampana are well known and led to the establishment of Vijayanagar authority over practically the whole of Tamil Nadu.

Vijayanagar inscriptions in this temple are fairly large in number and range from the period of Harihara II to the late Vijayanagar ruler Venkatapatideva Maharaya i.e. late 14th to the 17th centuries AD.Following them, their Kayak feudatories of Tanner, established their independent sway over this region and under the famous Sevvappa Nayaka, carried out large scale renovation and building activities in the temple.

Mr. Dupleix succeeded Dumas as Governor of Pondicherry. Then, in 1748, British reinforcements, intended for the recovery of Madras, arrived with a new fleet under Boscawin. Pondicherry in its turn was besieged, but once more French enterprise was aided by British ineptitude in securing a French success. Due to the war between Dupleix and La Bourdannais in 1748, Madras was restored to the English and maintained the status quo. But the restoration revealed a profound change in the politics of South India. Three taluks adjoining Pondicherry viz., Valudavur, Villianur and Bahur were handed over to Dupleix as reward for his kind assistance, during the Ambur battle in 1749.
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Mr. Dupleix refused to admit defeat and with infinite resource continued the struggle. He even besieged Trichinopoly a second time in 1753. The triumph of Arcot was followed by more victories at Arni, Kaveripakkam and Valikandapuram over the forces of Chanda Sahib and the French. So the campaigns continued throughout the year 1753. But early in 1754, Dupleix was forced to open negotiations with the British. Meanwhile the French company had decided upon his recall. Due to the hostilities between the English and the French in 1756, neither Madras nor Pondy was properly garrisoned.

D' Auteuil, one of the officers of Dupleix - Govenor of Pondicherry - captured Elavanasur. The French then took Tiruvannamalai and other forts, threatened Thyaga Drug, attacked Fort David, inspite of the fact that their fleet was defeated by the English fleet in an action off Nagapattinam.

After Nayak rule, this region seems to have gradually passed into British hands except for a brief period of subordination to the Mysore Odeyars (AD 1816).

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