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Sri Angala Amman Temple-Melmalayanur
Angala Parameswari Temple is located at Melmalayanur, 32 km from Gingee in Viluppuram District. The deity of the temple is the Sembadavars. There is an ancient snake pit in the inner sanctum.

A festival celebrated here during February-March is famous for Simimasana kollai. During the festival many pilgrims cook large quantities of various kinds of grain and set it out in the burning ground. This offering to the goddess is believed to grant wishes. Lots of devotees throng to the temple during Ammavasai (New Moon day).

History of Sri Angala Amman Temple, Melmaliyanoor.

Goddess Mother Parvathi the wife of Lord Shiva took birt on her as hive. The pupose of the birth is to clear Lord Shiva from cetain sin and give blessings to all people in kaliyug. The birth took place her before the start of kaliyug. The birth place melmaliyanoor,where the temple is situated. The specialty in this temple is Mother in Angala amman faces north while blessing devotees.

The great dazzling brightest light is mother Sri Angalaparameshwari was ruling the world even before inhabition started.

Mother parvathy only created Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswaran and Sadhasivan for creation, Maintenance, distination, hiding and blessing.

Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are supported to be three hands of Gods. All of sorts of energies were differentiated mainly as three types, Wish, action and Wisdom. Right Side is taken as male and left as female. When both sides confine together resulted in creation of Sky, Water, Fire Wind and Earth. Siva, Vishnu and Brahma were teamed with Eswari, Lakshmi and Sarswathi.

Brahma, the God for creation had 10 assistants to help in his activities. Thakkan the important assitant crore of living including saint. He also created 60 extremly beautful girls and married them to Godmen. In this process Eswari's creator, He created Dhakshayani and married here to Lord Shiva.
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When Takkan went to kailash, He was stopped bygod one of Shiva's deputies. Angered by this takkan performs difficult yagams with selfish maotives. He did not invite Lord shirine. Dhakshyani went to yaga in sprite of Lors Shiva's unwillingness. She accused thakkan for inviting Lord Shiva. But she was only insulted completely dissatisfied, Dhakshayani saw yaga was destroyed.

Dhakshayani destroyed her own body. Lord Shiva took her body and devised with uncontrollable anger (Rudhrathandavam). During this, the right hand of Dhakshayani fell in Dhandakarunyam. Malayanoor is a part of Dhandakarunyam.

Aroop(shapless) Angalaamman to join with Lord Shiva took Birth as Parvathi, the Daughter of parvatharajan. She married Lord Shiva.

With power of manthras and boons from Lord Shiva, Brahama performed a yaga to save god men from two demons known as SANDOBI and SUNDARAR. Thro this yaga thilothama as apsaras came to life.

Attracted by the beauthy of thilothama not only demons but brahma also follwed her. For her protection She went to kailash where Brahma also follwed. As Brahma also was with five heads, Parvathi mistook him for Shiva and felt at his feet. When Parvathi realized the truth, she was very angry and prayed Shiva that fifth head of Brahma should be destroyed.

As Suggested by Lord Vishnu, Shiva fought with Brahma and cut his fifth head. But Brahma was compensated with new head. Shiva cut Brahma's head nine hundreds and ninty nine times and got tired.

He made all the nine huindreds and ninty nine heads into garland and wore it. Then again he cut Brahma's head and confirmed with four heads only.
History continue...

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