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Gate way of Pondicherry
When we move across the pathway in the East, we can see the gate with mandapa facing Pondicherry. So this gateway got its name as "Gateway of Pondicherry" In front of Pondicherry Gate entrance at Eastern side (North facing gate entrance of top portion The Persian inscription is found and its translate in English) is given below.

"'The Exalted Khan Saddatulah Khan, upon whom be multiplied the blessing of Haider, Captured the fort of Gingee by the favors of incomparable almighty Ghulam Ali discovered date for it. Islam Expelled infidelity 1125 HIJRI (1712 A.D. - 1713 A.D.)"
Gateway of Vellore
The Gate is situated in the North and the Mandapa faces Vellore. So it is named as "Gateway of Vellore"




Prisoners' well
To the west of the Hanuman temple there is a Prisoners' well on a large rock. It is a natural rock over they built a circular wall of 38 meters in circumference, 12 meters in inner circumference and 4 meters in depth with bricks. The interior part looks spacious and deep and it is built in such a way that no one can climb and look out. In those days they pushed the condemned prisoners into the well and so they died of thirst and hunger.

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